The Archaeological Project at Uşaklı Höyük
The Archaeological Expedition in Central Anatolia (MAIAC)

Area B: a building from the Late Period

In the eastern part of the terrace, the geophysical survey enabled us to identify a rectangular structure that covers and area of 710 square metres.

The opening of a 5x5m quadrant made it possible for us to assign the building to a late phase of occupation. Just below the surface, beneath a deposit of earth moved during agricultural activities, a the well-made dry-stone walls of a square room appeared, to be dated in preliminary manner to the Late Roman period on the basis of tiles and the abundant pottery found there. Two building phases have been brought to light, as well as an earlier level of occupation, still within the Late Period, however, The room, and its building, can be correlated in terms of chronology and architectonic technique with a room brought to light in 2014 in a quadrant lying immediately to the north of the small mound and west of Area A.